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Project Description
EntityCodeGenerator makes it easier for ADO.NET Entity Framework users to generate entity classes in the manner of each one entity class per file, and all generated class files are added to the project automatically as sub project items of the EDMX file.

This generator works in the same way as Visual Studio's in-box generator EntityModelCodeGenerator.

1) Shutdown all openned Visual Studio instances.
2) Run the installation file named "EntityCodeGeneratorSetup.msi".

1) Select the EDMX file in your Solution Explorer;
2) In properties view, change the value of Custom Tool Namespace to what you want. It will be the namespace of your generated code.
3) In properties view, change the value of Custom Tool to "EntityCodeGenerator". (old value was: "EntityModelCodeGenerator")

The ObjectContext based class will not be generated since it's REALLY not an entity. So if you use this tool, you need create this class in other ways.

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